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Dive Into the New Age of Prediction Technology

Our Services

Audience Activations

Access first party transaction data from a proprietary cloud-based audience marketplace. Identify qualified customers using anonymized location + shopping intelligence built on rich data sources, demographics, points of interest and event attendance in the real world.

AI + Data Science Acceleration

Explore the social science of your audience, map them against 164M shoppers and predict those most valuable to your brand or product offering. Enhance your knowledge of core customers and discover new customers you never knew existed.

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Multi-Channel Targeting

A versatile selection of omnichannel targeting solutions across email, social, SEO, display, native, audio, mobile, video and DOOH channels ensure your unified digital marketing reaches, captivates and engages the right audience, channel and device.

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Contextual Targeting

Define your contextual targeting strategy using Page Context AI and Keyword Rule Targeting by specifying phrases and keywords, allowing your ads to appear on webpages relevant to your campaign, driving increased clicks and conversions.

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End-to-End Support Services

Digital marketing consultation, data strategy, media planning, campaign setup, management, optimization and reporting. An expert digital marketing team and turnkey technology platform that drives results.

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We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We support you from start to finish. Driving your digital strategy, media planning, campaign implementation, management, execution, reporting and analytics. All customized to your desired business outcomes.

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