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UCI's Customer Experience Certificate Program Welcomes David Johnson As Newest Advisory Board Member

Updated: 7 days ago

David Johnson, Chief Revenue Officer at Cphere, has been selected to be on the Advisory Board for the Customer Experience Certificate Program at the University of California-Irvine Division of Continuing Education.

As CRO of Cphere, David directs GTM Sales, Strategy and execution for the digital marketing technology firm. His strong conviction is that customer service must lie at the heart of every action undertaken by a company, to the extent that it transcends mere routine and becomes an integral aspect of its ethos. David emphasizes the importance of implementing effective customer service strategies and integrating them into organizational processes to the point where they become ingrained in the company's identity.

David's dedication to providing exceptional customer experiences started from the beginning of his career when he worked at Global AdTech firm where he gained firsthand knowledge that delivering client support, insights and execution on time and accurately resulted in increased results and satisfied customers. Upon reflection, David recognized that beyond the financial gain, his commitment to great customer service fostered genuine relationships of gratitude and confidence with his customers.

Companies that prioritize customer experience pay attention to both the excellence of their product or service and the means through which it is delivered. Tyler Rubin, the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Cphere, expressed his satisfaction with David's appointment to the board, stating, "Given that our objective as an IT marketing services company is not only to provide our clients with a superior technology experience but also to constantly enhance our delivery and execution, David is the perfect addition. He has played a critical role in driving our vision and CX improvements."

Learn about the Customer Experience Certificate Program at UCI-Division of Continuing Education at

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