Data-Empowered Audience Activation

With the current landscape, digital transformations & explosion of cannabis shoppers given its essential business status, mainstream brands are finding that targeting these emerging shopping audiences are now essential for them too. Cphere™ can help with proprietary first-party shopping audiences from POS systems. Industry leading data for targeted programmatic communications.

First Party Shopping AudiencesSecond/Third Party Data Enrichment

Data On-Boarding: Understand Core Customers

Access first-party data from a private cloud-based data marketplace. Understand your core audience, map them against a database of 164M+ emerging shoppers to identify the ones relevant to the brand or product offered. Enhance your knowledge of core customers and discover new customers you never knew existed that demonstrate similar behavioral characteristics with predictive audience insights.

Connecting Brands: Reach 164M Consumers

Comprehensive coverage through the largest living database of cannabis consumers. 16 distinct archetypes across cannabis and CBD segmented by product, intent, interest, lifestyle, and demographic categories. Segments built on years of market and consumer research and analysis. Custom segmenting functions to fine-tune targeting as required. Database is CCPA/GDPR compliant and designed to operate within domestic and international regulatory parameters. Campaigns are automatically vetted against our regulatory compliance library.

Data Enrichment: Discover New Strategic Audiences

Combine man + machine to discover quality audiences and future customers by mapping against shopper data, HIPAA compliant health care data, cookieless ID resolution, anonymized mobility data, intent-based behaviors, purchase preferences, predictive analytics & look-alike audience modeling.

Audience Activations: Targeted Communications

Strategically deploy data-driven digital communications with verified Location + Compliance + Customer Intelligence. Scale reach to eligible in-market audiences with creative assets approved for premium ad inventory.

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