Deliver Public Health Safety Interventions

Leading academic research institutes working with government public health & safety officials trust Cphere™ artificial intelligence, predictive data systems to analyze and deliver programmatic interventions that inform & mobilize local communities for social good. Using prediction technology to improve public health & safety.


Study Explores Use of Online Ads and Individual-Level Mobility Data to Change and Monitor BehaviorLink to Published Research Study

Trusted To Enhance Public Health & Safety

Cphere™ is a trusted research, data & technology partner of cognitive psychology & predictive technology institutes. Working to uncover new ways technology such as AI, can improve public health & safety. The UC Institute for Prediction Technology at UCLA Health were one of only 75 groups across the globe to work on COVID-19 research & response. Analyzing mobility, providing safety recommendations to NIH & executing deployment of protection measures meant to protect at risk communities. Cphere™ technology, compliance & data systems were used to reach community members exhibiting at risk mobility during COVID stay-at-home mandates across 5 major U.S. cities.

Compliant Connections: Community Awareness

Cphere™ partners with PhD data scientists and statisticians from leading academic research institutes at UC Institute for Prediction Technology, UCLA Health & UCI School of Medicine with Research Ethics Board approval through the IRB. Cphere™ technologies have been used to improve public health & safety, risk mitigation & at risk community communications while keeping user privacy top of mind. Improving governing bodies ability to predict, ethically engage, mobilize & protect communities for the greater social good.


Precise Communication & Behavioral Outcomes

Enhance the ability to reach & communicate with targeted audiences, to increase awareness & education of existing public health & safety events. A-B test digital messaging, drive engagement & optimize campaign effectiveness. Reach community members & scale awareness with personalized programmatic media to alert, inform & drive positive behavioral action.

Compliance + Public Health & Safety

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