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Monetize your location data with CompliantC.




Get Paid for Your Location data

Share location data & get paid to connect with advertisers & businesses relevant to you.

OwN and Control YOur Location data

Own and control how your location data is used, by creating a data exchange that directly benefits you.

Create Your Own Data Exchange

Secure location data with CompliantC & make money when you connect with advertisers & businesses.

Personalize Your Online Experiences

Monetize your mobility data while creating better online & offline customer experiences.

CompliantC™ Data Exchange

CompliantC™ Data Exchange is a user-controlled data management platform helping unlock the value of location data. Processing privacy compliant mobility data to build secure marketing intelligence users get paid for.

Join the CompliantC™ 

Data Exchange

Monetize Your Data with CompliantC

It’s simple, download the Cphere app, create an account, enable location data sharing and make money with CompliantC™ when your data is used for ads, research, rewards or offers that benefit you. 

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