AI Powered Marketing Technology

CompliantC™ Artificial Intelligence is a data verification and prediction technology platform analyzing and structuring data from high quality providers. Combining cloud computing, AI frameworks, visual positioning services, demographics, behavioral, cookieless identity resolution, verified personas, transactional purchase intent, predictive analytics & HIPAA compliant health care data solutions to optimize digital targeting and performance. Enhancing audience insights, compliant activations, media decisioning, regulatory protections, return on ad spend (ROAS) & customer lifetime value (CLTV) for brand & direct response marketers.

Predictive Analytics + Trusted Connections

Real-Time Compliance Safeguards for Brands

Proprietary Data Verification Engine + Persona Forensics

Proximity + Ad Regulation Data + Audience Segmentation

Complex AI Frameworks + Machine Learning Optimization

Access to Premium Invite-Only PMP Inventory

Opt-In Mobile Devices

In-Market Shoppers

Behavioral Data Sets


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