Reaching new emerging audiences has quickly become essential for mainstream and industry specific brand marketers. We drive growth and maximize compliant brand connections with these audiences.

Programmable AI Powered Marketing Communications

Artificial intelligence is taking over the world of advertising. With the right data, AI powered MarTech can help brands identify patterns in customer data and communications at scale. Predict what changes need to be made to improve campaign results, decisioning to achieve key performance indicators (KPIs) in just a matter of seconds. AI powered MarTech can help reach and convert customers brands didn’t even know existed.

Location Analytics & Customer Insights

Access the largest and most precise location events and cannabis consumer database in the market. Create stronger customer experiences with location and customer intelligence. CompliantC™ AI processes billions of anonymous opt-in mobile location signals and consumer insights from millions of mobile devices every day to understand the places people go and why.

Scale Brand Connections with In-Market Shoppers

Reach qualified customers with anonymized location + customer + compliance data built on rich datasets, points of interest and event attendance in the real world. Gain competitive insights from your customers real-world behaviors, engagements and signals to increase customer engagement, discovery and brand loyalty.

About Us

Cphere™ leadership brings years of experience applying advanced technologies that help solve difficult business and real-world problems. Our teams extensive knowledge span investment strategy in technology and communications, development and deployment of artificial intelligence, prediction technology combined with data science methodologies, advanced analytics, complex compliance systems, ethics review boards and omni-channel marketing communications. Having consulted government agencies like the CDC and NIH on public health & safety efforts, as well as Fortune 100|500 brands & agencies with their data-driven programmatic advertising at leading global AdTech/MarTech companies with company exits totaling $700M. With 16 years of multi-market compliance experience, digital marketing executions, extensive experience applying advanced technologies at leading academic institutions such as UC Institute for Prediction Technology, UCLA Health Center for Digital Behavior, Stanford and UCI School of Medicine. We are here to help strengthen brand connections with emerging audiences.

Data + Measurement + Compliance



David Johnson

CEO & CRO I Founder


Tyler Rubin

CTO & CFO I Founder


Dr. Sean Young, PhD, MS

Chief Data Science Advisor, Advanced Analytics & AI – Government Affairs

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Opt-In Mobile Devices

In-Market Shoppers

Behavioral Data Sets


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